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A caudovirus (literally ‘tailed virus’) is a member of the order caudovirales. Caudoviral is an adjective (as far as I know, coined by me) which means: of, relating to, or made by a caudovirus. It was chosen as the title of this blog half out of a lack of creativity and half because caudovirales were what originally sparked my interest in the biological sciences.

Caudoviral qua blog refers to the haphazard venture you currently patronize. This is a place to collect, share, and practice my scientific writing. Given my career aspirations and current research endeavors, it occurred to me in early 2011 that I needed to polish my ability to convey scientific information in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. This blog will also intermittently host personal matters, but I do my best to make those a sideline.

Caudoviral qua person refers to me. I am 25 year old, transgender, graduate student in molecular biology. My research interests focus around epidemiology and the molecular aetiology of disease. I am currently investigating HIV latency.

Please note that everything here is personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any institution I am part of or research partners I work with.


Written by Caudoviral

03/05/2011 at 23:05

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